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In the beginning… there was Film Society

In Wellington there exists a not-so-secret society of film lovers, who congregate every Monday night from March to November at the temple of cinema that is the Embassy. We worship at the silver screen: art-house, international, classic, and occasionally cult … Continue reading

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We are the ones who can save the media

Why we need to pay for a free press.

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Today is the first day of the rest of my life

This is a time of milestones, so naturally I’m feeling a wee bit reflective. I turned 45 yesterday. This week is also the 20th anniversary of beginning my first full-time professional job, as a baby researcher fresh out of library … Continue reading

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We need to talk about racism – and if not now, when?

Don’t talk to me in that tone of voice! How many of you heard that reproach growing up. Sullen teenagers, you tried to stick up for your rights, object when some injustice was being forced upon you, or just emit … Continue reading

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Why I’m happy to go back to work

We all know that feeling. It starts maybe on the Saturday afternoon or the Sunday morning at the end of a holiday. At an unfeasibly early hour on Monday, the alarm is going to go off, summoning us back to … Continue reading

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The hairy-legged movie watcher

Sounds like Eight-Legged Freaks, right? Don’t worry, no spiders here. Over New Year’s I was hanging out with my three favourite movie buddies, and we were comparing notes on how many movies we had watched. I must be a rank … Continue reading

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